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Sharona Drake is a mentor, mother, brand strategist, and viral social media influencer who creates safe spaces for parents and mentors to heal from their trauma, learn together, and help to raise competent, confident, and considerate individuals.

With over 15 years of experience working with urban youth and the school systems in Chicago, Atlanta, and Huntsville, Sharona has mentored over 200 young people. She has partnered with dozens of organizations to provide trainings and workshops to youth workers and parents in the urban setting and has developed, what she calls, her “Healed Parenting” approach. Sharona’s approach, which is closely related to gentle parenting, is founded on the belief that if adult leaders heal from past traumas,  develop mindfulness, and seek holistic health, they will be able to identify and develop the best tools needed to raise their unique children and experience joy in their homes.

Sharona has had the distinct privilege of writing After They Touched Me (an insightful book on overcoming her sexual trauma), founding a nonprofit mentorship program on the Westside of Chicago,, touring internationally as a background vocalist, recording vocals for a couple of #1 Billboard Gospel records with Charles Jenkins, functioning as the CEO of The Nameless Group LLC, and so much more. However, one of the greatest honors of her life has been being able to raise her son, CJ, and to work with other women in becoming better versions of themselves.

Sharona’s future plans include doing her best to live out her life’s values of freedom, exploration, and connection in every project she is a part of.

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