The Course

Healing The Parent

Because you can't break a generational curse that you're still under...

Then this course is for you

There is an actionable way for you to show up consistently without constant frustration, confusion, struggle, and emotional exhaustion, so that you can increase the joy of raising your child, maintain your boundaries, and heal from past trauma.

Create your legacy

This is your chance to break negative generational patterns and create a healthier, happier legacy

Learn and create your unique, intentional parenting strategy that will help you to live freely, connect with your child more intimately, and protect your peace.

I will help you to be joyfully present with your child while also growing in harmony as individuals.

You’ve worked hard to build a healthy home. You deserve to reap the benefits and joy of parenting.


Your home shouldn’t feel like a war zone

& you don’t have to feel alone and exhausted.

Right now you might feel all over the place & you could be wondering if you’re even making the right decisions for your child.


You’re tired of being tired and feeling drained at the end of each day with your kids and you feel like you should enjoy your family more than you are.

You're ready to...

Over the last decade I have...

Now, I’m offering my best practices for parenting and mentorship.

Allow me to introduce myself...

I am Sharona Drake

Your Mommy-Mentor

I am a mommy, mentor, and coach and I am passionate about helping people to experience heaven on earth. Over the past 15 years I have worked with youth and/or parents like you to structure the homes and lives that bring them the most happiness, freedom, and confidence. And I’m ready to do the same with you!

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Finally find the community and tools you need to create heaven in your home and parent with gentleness and love.