It’s not writing the most powerful words or singing the best notes that’s most important to me. What is paramount to me is living the messages that I so publicly proclaim.

My human tendency to wander is what keeps me on my knees. It reminds me that any glory received isn’t mine to keep.Sharona Drake

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Sharona Drake has dedicated her life to being an urban missionary who primarily uses public speaking and music to serve in the most violent neighborhoods in Chicago and around the world.

Locally, Sharona Drake is the founder and director of PEARL, a female mentorship organization in North Lawndale, Chicago. She is a mentor to over 200 young women in her neighborhood, and her aim is to be a life partner to each young woman that she serves. Over the past few years Sharona also has ministered alongside Partners in Missions in Uganda, Africa and has paired with Merge Ministries to support Christian ministries in San Gregorio, Nicaragua.

Musically, Sharona is a worship leader at Fellowship Chicago (Pastor Charles Jenkins) and has also travels nationally and internationally as a background singer for Charles Jenkins. Behind the scenes, Sharona got her start as a campaign manager, artist developer, and event planner for a variety of national recording artists, organizations, and record labels. Her clients included the likes of Viktory, The Legacy Conference, Thi’sl, Terence Clark (Gungor), Committed (NBC’s “The Sing Off”), and more. …continue reading

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Sharona Drake - Verified
Sharona Drake - Verified is with Briana Alexandria and Sharona Drake.2 weeks ago

She cried for at least 30 minutes after this (crybaby, lol). She really thought I was in Chicago and got a friend in Nashville to bring her a food delivery from me.

Welp! She was wrong and these are some of the moments I live for! Love you, Bri!

Note: I spelled "surprise" wrong, but smh... It is what it is. lol